Case Studies

One Of My Recent Projects

Facebook & Instagram Ads: Indian Women Apparel Fashion Brand

7+ ROAS in first 4 weeks of testing.

Some Of My Other Projects

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Indian Home Decor Brand 50% Sales are from the Best Seller Product. ROAS 3.9X in 1 Month Total sales Increased 112% in 1 Month.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Indian Gadgets Brand ROAS 3.15 in 2 months CPA decreased by 20% in 1st Month High AOV Product Total sales - 51% increased 1st month.

Case Study

Facebook and Google Ads

Indian Home Kitchen Appliances Brand

ROAS 4X in the 3 Months CPA decreased by 50% in 1st Month Total sales - 300% in 1st quarter

Case study Screenshot

Facebook Ads

Indian Print-on-Demand Services

ROAS 5X in 6 Months CPA decreased by 80% in 2 Months Total sales - 400% in 1st quarter